Audite et agite
Audite Partner AB
a research company



Among our customers:

Accenture, Helsinki, (Segmentation of international steel- and 
paper markets)

A D Little, Stockholm, (Bank customer attitudes and satisfaction)

Alfa Laval Thermal, Lund, (In company group evaluation of 
new strategy etc.)

Ericsson Mobile Communications, Lund, (User 
attitudes. Market companies satisfaction etc.)

PCTVnet ASA, Oslo, (Product test evaluation etc.)

Pharmacia Diagnostics, Uppsala, (Research on labs and 
physicians in connection with product development)

OKQ8, Stockholm, (Customer board via Internet)

Sida, Stockholm, (Conference participants board via Internet)

Sintef Energiforskning, Trondheim, (Longitudinal follow 
up of field test)

Tetra Pak PET Packaging Systems, Geneva,
 (International research. Development of Packaging systems)

Vårdförbundet, Stockholm, (Employee  board via Internet) 

Victor Hasselblad, Gothenburg, (International research 
among photographers. Camera concepts etc.)

Volvo Trucks Corporation, Gothenburg, (Product 
properties. Strategy of technology. Internal and external studies.)

Volvo Penta, Gothenburg, (International research among 
boat builders)